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In my July Roster post I said how I had Singapore, not being a massive fan of Singapore I sent out a few swaps for new destinations and someone accepted for Adelaide which was a great way for me to also add to my flying hours that month! We departed out of Dubai at 02:05am with 12 hours and 10 minutes over to Adelaide Airport. With a full flight we were pretty busy but were given almost 3 and a half hours in crew rest where I slept like an absolute baby. Landing at almost 8pm, we departed and made our way over to the hotel.

After a google of what to do, myself and another girl from economy decided to make our way over to the Alpine Winter Village, sort of like a Christmas market except obviously not Christmas as it’s July. But when we arrived there was nothing there and speaking to a taxi driver he thought it was just on on the weekends. So we ended up back at the hotel to eat food as their burger is well regarded by crew apparently and we get 50% discount too!


It was so nice to wander around in my boots and fur hat, with the crazy heat of Dubai at the moment I could have wandered around all night breathing in the refreshing cool crisp air! Grabbing a table in the restaurant I was really looking forward to a mulled wine at the market, however we settled for a cider and a burger each.


I have to say the burger was pretty good and for any crew reading this you should definitely try it if you’re ever in Adelaide! Fried egg, smashed avocado and relish inside this made for a pretty amazing combo, I’m just craving one now just thinking about it. Feeling incredibly full after that and sleepy eyes beginning to start after our early morning, we headed to bed.

I managed to sleep for a good 12 hours, whats up with me and sleep at the moment?! Waking up the next day I wanted a good brunch place, Australia always does the best brunch food, and upon exiting the hotel I bumped into my supervisor who advised me of a good place just down the road that’s close to the shops. Winner winner all round.


I then walked up towards the main high street which didn’t have a real lot to offer, Adelaide is kind of just a city to live, it doesn’t really have much going on in the winter. I have been told it has the most beautiful beaches to visit in spring/summer but I don’t think suede boots would have gone down too well there!

I did see someone walking their cat down the high street which I did think was really bizarre?


After an hour or so of shopping, I made my way back to the hotel stopping along side the river to see a huge pelican the size of a dog fly right over my head and glide into the water. Australia and their ridiculous animals! I thought I was about to be attacked.


Back to the hotel I relaxed for an hour or so before our wake up call back to Dubai. A pretty uneventful trip, but I’m glad to have ticked off another Australian city. I won’t be in any rush back here, but do let me know if any of you have ideas on what I should do, should I return.

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  1. Cameron Abbey says:

    Do you know anyone who has worked the Yinchuan//Zhengzhou Multi-sector. Is there much to do in either city?


    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      Hi Cameron, yes a few of my friends have done it. In the winter you can go skiing, in the summer there is trips to vineyards or you can head to some movie set tours! There’s numerous things to do there, just unsure of all the names as I haven’t been myself!


  2. Myra North says:

    really enjoyed reading your blog ,on your trip to Adelaide Jess !! and some lovely pics ..looking rather gorgeous ,in your boots and fur hat ! I must ask auntie Mollie ) if Susan ..my niece has been there yet !! if yes ,to watch the flying pelicans ! love you tons ..and think of you often ..Grandma Myra and Grandad John xxxxxxxxxxxx


  3. Lily Yates says:

    There’s a German village/town called Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills that is worth a visit, a day trip to the Barossa Valley where wine is grown, a Murray River Day Trip from Adelaide Including Lunch Cruise aboard the Proud Mary, or a full day tour over to Kangaroo Island. In the warmer months the suburb of Glenelg is very popular, there’s a tram there and a very popular beach.
    I’m an Aussie and stumbled across your blog yesterday and have thoroughly enjoyed reading every single bit from the start of your journey with Emirates and all your other travel blogs. Photos are excellent and you certainly are a wonderful writer. All this would make a great book. Keep up the great work, I shall be eagerly looking for your latest installment.
    I’m from Brisbane, originally Sydney.


    1. I’d looked into Kangaroo Island but apparently not that feasible in winter/ worth it! But the rest sounds fab, wish I’d of known this! Thank you so much for your kind words though, it really does mean a lot. My dad keeps saying I should turn it into a book but I’m not really too sure how! โ˜บ๏ธ


  4. Sophia Anna says:

    There’s a hidden charm in Adelaide. It’s not obvious straight away, but if you spend any amount of time here, you’ll realise it’s not average! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Rundle Mall can be quiet depending on the day. It’s busiest is a Friday evening and then you’re lucky to find walking space, but if you ever find yourself here again,check out Mclaren Vale. We have one of the most beautiful wine regions in the Australia, brimming with different cultures. Rundle street gets fun on a Saturday night, Hahndorf for a quiet drive in the Adelaide Hills, Hindley street on a Saturday night (craziness). We have a huge film and art culture too! Hope that helps ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Thank you Sophia this is all great! I think I need to revisit but during your summer months, the wine regions sounds like something I would like! โ˜บ๏ธ

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