August 2017 Roster

Rosters are here early once more which was a nice way to get me out of bed today after a 15 hour sleep! Lets just say the last 7 days of work in a row have taken their toll on me! Anyway, next month I shall be going to…

DAC – Dhaka, Bangladesh Turn Around
SEZ – Mahé, Seychelles Layover
KUL – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Layover
AMS – Amsterdam, The Netherlands Layover
SEZ – Mahé, Seychelles Layover
GLA – Glasgow, UK Layover
ORD – Chicago, USA Layover
So a nice mix thrown in there, just getting seriously upset that they’re not giving me my days off that I keep asking for! What am I doing wrong roster gods?? Kicking off the month with my only turn around (hallelujah) is to Bangladesh, I’ve done this a couple of times before. Once as a turn around and once as a layover and it’s a nice and easy one that I can then get out the way!

Following on from this is Seychelles, last time I was in Seychelles was New Years Eve and it just had one thing going wrong after another. Hopefully there are no delays and the sun shines brightly for me this time!

Next up is Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, I always seem to have an issue with this destination too. Whenever I have swapped onto it I have been pulled off and even when I’ve had it rostered I’ve also been pulled off due to light loads, so fingers crossed I’ll be able to actually get there this time and see the Petronas Towers and the Batu Caves.

After this it’s time to head to Amsterdam, can you believe I have never been to Amsterdam? So I’m excited to finally see this beautiful city that seems that everybody except me has been to! It’ll be a lovely temperature in August too!

Again after this is Seychelles, I may swap my Seychelles for something else I’m going to see how the first one goes and if I enjoy it I’ll head back there for more sunshine! I need to top up my tan as I go on holiday in September and want a bit of a base colour!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen any UK on my roster and they’ve given me Glasgow which I’ve done a couple of times before. Looking to swap this for a Manchester so I can head home as it has been a few months, if not I’ll pop over to Edinburgh for the day as that’s somewhere I’ve never been!

Ending the month back stateside with a new destination of Chicago! I’ve been wanting to visit Chicago for sometime now and was wanting it when the weather would be much warmer as Chicago gets SO cold in the winter. Looking forward to some deep dish pizza and visiting the bean and ticking off a new place and maybe catching up with my best friend Katie if she’s around!


A good mix there and three things that I bid for too, so stay posted for if I manage to swap anything. As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more daily updates:


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  1. Sue says:

    Leeds baby… Needs to be on that list xx


  2. Not been to any of them but love to do your job


  3. I can not but admire your blog’s new look.You have a successful blogging career awaiting you after your flying days are over.A word of caution about Chicago.This is Prez Obama’s hometown.He had done nothing to curb the gun violence and the gang issues.
    now,Trump has sent fed agents to curb the violence.Be in a group with a couple of male crew before venturing out.Having said that, it is an awesome town with rich heritage,food and sports.Check with your concierge about the safe places you can visit.
    Proud of what you are contributing to the travel industry.


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