A Contrasting Cape Town

I wasn’t going to write on my recent trip to Cape Town as it was a little uneventful, however, I thought if anyone had taken inspiration from my last trip to Cape Town which sent it straight to the top of my favourite destinations it would hopefully help in choosing the time of year to go.

We departed Dubai at 11am and it was 9 hours and 30 minutes over to Cape Town International Airport, we got an hour and a half seat rest on the way over which was nice, but I’d slept real good before the flight so I actually just sat watching The Big Bang Theory on the screens. Landing at 6:30pm, we’d made plans to meet downstairs about 8:15pm to go out for some dinner, whenever I am in South Africa I will ALWAYS go out for steak and wine cause it’s just the best place to eat it.

I was actually staying in a different hotel from last time and the room was lovely, although this time of year is actually winter in South Africa so I was actually freezing with the heating on in comparison to Dubai where you can’t cope without the AC.


There were 6 of us who showed up for dinner, although there was a little confusion in timings for when were meeting so there ended up being a few different groups heading out to dinner. Anyway, we jumped in an uber down to the waterfront and to say there had been absolutely crazy storms in Cape Town over the past week, it seemed the rain was holding off for the time being.


We chose a place that had an outdoor area filled with heaters and blankets and piled round a table ordering some red wine whilst we scoured the menu. I opted for the 300g fillet steak with a BBQ glaze and garlic butter with a side of sautéed mushrooms, and I completely polished off the entire thing. It was unreal. Feeling incredibly sleepy after a long day at work with no rest, we headed back to the hotel. I was hoping to head up Table Mountain for incredible views over Cape Town in the morning, so I was keeping my fingers crossed for better weather.

However, when I woke up the rain was lashing down and I even had Facebook ask me if I wanted to mark myself safe in the storm. So instead of a day of hiking, I headed down to the shops to stock up on groceries to take back to Dubai with me.


A very different view of Cape Town to the last time I was here in summer, how disappointing! Of course I had to stop for avocados for breakfast whilst in South Africa, so I called into Mugg & Bean before filling up a trolley full of South African delights.


It was time to head back and try and get some sleep again before the long night flight back to Dubai, but the first challenge was where on earth was I going to put all this food?!


And I also bought a couple more bottles of red in Duty Free too! With my cases completely packed out and super heavy, we headed back to Dubai after a disappointing yet still fun layover wondering what I was going to make at home next!

So yeah, I hope this kinda emphasises that layovers aren’t always what you want them to be and sometimes all you can do is eat on a layover! Regardless, I will be looking forward to my next CPT flight just hopefully in the summer time.

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