July 2017 Roster

A very pleasant roster for July despite not getting the days off I asked for, however next month I shall be going to:

DFW – Dallas, United States Layover
NBO – Nairobi, Kenya Layover
CAI – Cairo, Egypt Turn Around
DPS – Bali, Indonesia Layover
SIN – Singapore Layover
HAN – Hanoi, Vietnam Layover
MLE/CMB/MLE – Male, Maldives and Colombo, Sri Lanka Multisector

Quite the hectic month isn’t it! So kicking off July I’m going to Dallas in Texas! I’ve been to Texas before when I visited Houston, but I haven’t visited Dallas before so I’m looking forward to ticking off a new destination. I’ve had a little google on what to do there but I’m not right sure, if anyone’s got an tips please do let me know in the comments.

Following on from this I’m finally rostered to head to Nairobi again after being pulled off the flight last time. Seriously looking forward to heading to the Giraffe Sanctuary and it’s going to be great to explore another country in Africa!

Following on from this I have a Cairo turn around and a layover in Bali. I was actually rostered to be going to Beijing but someone sent me a swap for this, and I thought it’s going to increase my hours and I would much prefer Bali to Beijing so I happily accepted! It’ll be nice to explore more of Bali as I have only been once before.

After this its Singapore, I’ve never been a massive fan of Singapore and I’m not sure why. I’ve only been once in my first month of flying when I did the Singapore Brisbane multi sector and I’ve never had any desire to return. I’m trying my luck on the swaps page to try and get a new destination, so stay posted for where I do eventually end up.

Following on from this I’m heading to Vietnam, but this time to Hanoi for a 35 hour layover! There’s a lot of Vietnam that I’m desperate to explore and this time I’ll be able to head to the beautiful Ha Long Bay.

Ending the month with a layover in Colombo with a transit stop to the Maldives. Oh how I wish we laid over in the Maldives. A nice and easy multi sector, I’ve been to Colombo once before but it was well over a year ago now. Again I’m going to try on the swaps page for maybe a trip to Manchester as it’s been a while since I’ve been home or another new destination.

I also just recently had my SEP Recurrent exams where I renew my flying licence which I can happily say I’ve passed! Another year of travelling the world, I just can’t believe it was my 2nd time doing it. Where does time go? This also came up on my TimeHop from a year ago and I compared it with where I’ve been currently, what a difference a year makes! Here’s to extending it by another 10% by this time next year.


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  1. Jenny says:

    If you’re at all interested in history the 6th floor museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas is definitely worth doing, the spot where JFK was assassinated. Not much else worth doing in Dallas but this is brilliant.

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  2. I guess you will be there around July 4, our Independence Day.Whole city will be in festive mood.This is a strong sports city.Wear a Dallas Cowboys or Mavericks jersey.You will get lot of hugs,smiles and perhaps a free beer or two too. Enjoy.Go Mavs!


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