June 2017 Roster

It’s that time of month again, here’s where I’ll be going to in June…

SEA – Seattle, USA Layover
CPT – Cape Town, South Africa Layover
PVG – Shanghai, China Layover
SEP Recurrent
MAA – Chennai, India Turn Around
JED – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Turn Around
SKT – Sialkot, Pakistan Turn Around

Kicking the month off after my leave and its back to the States to another new city of Seattle! I’ve been wanting to go to Seattle for a while and there’s a lot to do there, including the original Starbucks! And as a Starbucks girl at heart, I’ll most definitely be going there to grab an Iced Caramel Macchiato.

Following this is Cape Town, I didn’t bid for it either so was surprised to see it on my roster. My favourite destination too, so I can hopefully tick off a few more things to do there!

And finally I’ll be heading to Shanghai! I’ve been bidding for this for the past few months and its finally been rostered. What’s great too is that my friend who is working on a cruise ship will also be docked there at the same time, so I can’t wait to catch up with her as it’s been almost 6 months!

Afterwards its time for my SEP Recurrent exams, yes it’s that time again for me to renew my license to fly. I genuinely can’t believe it is going to be my second SEP, so I’ll have to get my head back in my books and get back to studying.

Ending the month with three turn arounds, as always I’ve put them up on the swaps page to try my luck, so fingers crossed I can swap something for a layover.


Tomorrow I fly out for my leave which I cannot wait for, so stay posted for what I get up to! As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more daily updates:


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  1. Izzy says:

    go to starbucksr eserve in seattle, its their new high end coffee shop and has exclusive drinks that are not available at regular locations


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