May 2017 Roster

First of all, many apologies for my lack of blog posts recently. I have been SO busy, that I actually received my roster 10 days ago, but I am only now getting the chance to sit down and write this post and also the most important of all, get onto the swaps page! I was actually really pleased with my bottom bid month roster, but a swap or two are needed as I’ll explain. So, in the month of May I shall be going to…

RUH – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Turn Around
KWI – Farwaniya, Kuwait Turn Around
DUB – Dublin, Ireland Layover
NBO – Nairobi, Kenya Layover
BOS – Boston, USA Layover
Normal Annual Leave

As many of you probably know, turn arounds aren’t my favourite but these are pretty short ones that are back to back which will be done by the beginning of the month! I’ll try my best for swaps but I ain’t holding my breath.

Then its on to Dublin which I’m really excited for, I can’t believe I’ve never been even though its so close to me back home in the UK. However, I have actually got tickets to see Justin Bieber the day I’m due to fly out so I’m desperately trying to swap (even though I’m dying to go to Dublin) so that I don’t have to sell my JB ticket!

After this its Nairobi in Kenya, another new destination for me to tick off! A few of my friends have visited recently and have gone to the giraffe sanctuary which promotes sustainable conservation and teaches both locals and tourists about how to preserve our natural environment. As a Geography graduate, this is something that is really up my street and I can’t wait for a cuddle with a giraffe or two!

Ending the month before my leave is Boston! Another new place to tick off, I was hoping to catch my friend who is from there but I just miss her by a couple of days as she’s driving home from her graduation!! But looking forward to seeing the grounds of Harvard and pretending to be Elle Woods.

Undecided on my leave yet, I have two weeks so you’ll have to stay posted to see where I end up.


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  1. Jessica I truly understand your hard work with the crew really appreciate wat u do I would buy u flowers and can u let me know wat Dublin is like as I wanna visit there and take time with things no rush


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