Little Ones In London

I was originally rostered to be flying to Manilla for a 30 hour layover, however as it wasn’t that long since I visited back in January, and my parents had told me they were driving down to London for Easter Weekend to spend with my Aunt and Uncle, I sent out a few swaps for London Gatwick which was snapped up straight away.

We departed Dubai at 8am, landing into London just before 1pm. I quickly showered and changed and made my way over to my families house which was just two short train journeys away. My uncle picked me up from the station and I was welcomed by my little cousins.


Quickly eating some lunch, we then took the kids out to the park whilst my auntie prepared dinner.

IMG_3364 2IMG_3347IMG_3363 (1)IMG_3375IMG_3368 (1)

I love being with the kids, my cousins have me in absolute stitches and it was nice to just do not very much, but be together as a family. I even had a competition on the swings to see who could go the highest, I think my little cousin Cailen beat me though…


Heading back, the kids had their tea before I bathed them and got them ready for bed. Cailen told me that I made him put his pyjamas on far too fast, but Aysha told me my hair washing was the best as I braided her hair into two french plaits. So I don’t know where they would rank me.


We then sat down as adults to have a more civilised dinner. My auntie had made Blue Cheese and Walnut Salad to start, followed by Beef in Guiness and then chocolate grated ice cream rolls. I ate so much cause it was so good, that I even had to undo my jeans!

Sadly it was time for me to make my way back to the hotel, ready for a good nights sleep before the day flight back to Dubai. Not very entertaining to read on as there wasn’t much sight seeing, but the perfect layover for me.

Next up is a turn around to India, haven’t done a turn around in a while so stay posted for where I head off to after that!

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Really sweet love to see you in the uniform would be awesome Jessica u cutie


    1. Jade Callaghan says:

      Ruari, stop harassing the EK crew


  2. Grandma Myra says:

    I am all for family unity ! so well done Jess ..that you were able to spend time .S/N have a lovely and time with family and loved ones xx


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