Clean And Crisp Copenhagen

Another new destination to tick off (yay) and this time it was an early morning flight out to Copenhagen, departing Dubai at 8:20am. It was just 6 and a half hours over to Denmark and we didn’t have a full load, so it was pleasantly quiet especially as I was working upstairs in economy.

What a fabulous hotel room view?

We met downstairs in the lobby at 3:30pm ready to go and explore Copenhagen, we managed a crowd of 14 of us, however sometimes having too many people can be quite difficult to arrange anything as you’ll see… Anyway, wrapping up warm we stepped out into cold in the direction of Nyhavn.


I can’t get over the amount of cycling that occurs in Copenhagen, there are bikes everywhere and they have special bike dedicated lanes. What I thought was so lovely as well was that no one locks up their bikes. Such a safe country that you can leave your bike outside not locked up, return and it still be in the same place. The same can’t be said for the UK. In the airport, they had the most unbelievable fact printed up that said the residents of Copenhagen cycle on average 1,240,000km every single day. Thats the equivalent of 194.6 times around planet earth. Imagine how many health, social and economic benefits come from that?! Anyway, enough of me going all geography nerd on you. But, HOW COOL?!

The walk to Nyhavn took around 30 minutes right along side the river which was really pretty, however it was super windy I was having to hold my hat down believe it or not! The first view of Nyhavn with the backdrop of beautifully coloured houses was amazing.


We walked up towards the town centre looking forward somewhere to eat, there were plenty of restaurants along Nyhavn but as we had just set out exploring we thought we’d look for somewhere to eat the local cuisine.

Wandering up into the main town, we passed a small shop selling these giant waffles on a stick that were dipped into milk or dark chocolate and then covered in a topping of your choice. I went for milk chocolate with crushed oreos and I ate it in about 30 seconds, however the pigeons were very confident in Copenhagen and kept trying to eat any morsel they could get their little beaks on, it was actually quite scary!

Trying to find a restaurant proved a nightmare, I had suggested a place called Copenhagen Street Food Market which two of my friends (who had previously studied here) had recommended to me. However, none of the crew seemed to listen and we were wandering in and out of anywhere we could come across that was open and looked half decent and could also seat all 14 of us. After 2 and a half hours since we left the hotel and no further luck in our search for something to eat, I said I was leaving for my friends recommendation even though it was a good 45 minute walk away and if anyone wanted to join me they were more than welcome. To which everyone did, and they were so glad they did as it is such a great place! Located on Paper Island it was a giant warehouse with a multitude of different food and drink stalls from around the world for a decent price. After browsing all the different options, I went for the pulled duck loaded fries and they were absolutely unreal all washed down with a passion fruit mojito.

The place was absolutely packed out, we were searching for a table for over 20 minutes and I completely get why its a local favourite! So many options to chose from that suit a wide range of pallets. Feeling full of food and drinks and rather sleepy after walking just short of 15km that day!!!!! We made our way back to the hotel ready to collapse into bed.

Nyhavn By Night

A lovely layover in the crisp Copenhagen air, I completely understand why my friends loved studying here.

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  1. Looks lovely Jessica hope you enjoyed it


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