Laidback London

My most recent trip was to London, a city that I love and never ever mind seeing pop up on my roster. It was an early morning departure at 3am, landing into London Heathrow at 6:50am. I wasn’t feeling too brilliant on the flight over so went straight to sleep after checking in, sleeping right through until 13:30, I then decided to get up and head into central to do some sightseeing and shopping before meeting my friends for dinner that evening.


I got out of bed feeling a little more refreshed, got changed and grabbed a Starbucks in the lobby of the hotel (cheers to crew discount on Starbucks) and jumped on the bus over to the tube. As I wasn’t meeting my friends till 6pm, I thought I would be a tourist. I haven’t done anything touristy in the capital in a while, so I headed in the direction of Westminster for Big Ben, The London Eye, South Bank and the river Thames.


After reflecting back on the events that happened at Westminster on the 22nd March, its scary to think that I was in the exact same location just two days prior at the exact same time of the events happening. However, I just want to highlight the amazing work of the Metropolitan Police and the emergency services in London who were on hand straight away. There were even doctors and nurses running out of nearby hospitals to help at the scene. I think its incredible how resilient the city was, and how everyone came together.

Wandering around through a park, I walked alongside the other side of the Thames down the South Bank towards the London Eye. My friend had said that she could meet me a little earlier for a bit of shopping on Oxford Street before we met the rest of the girls.

After a quick pit stop of shopping, and catching the beginning of the sunset on Oxford Street myself and Ellie hopped on the tube over to Covent Garden to meet Rosanna for a drink before Lauren joined us for dinner.


For dinner, we had decided on a place called Sticks and Sushi, which I would really recommend. The offer a wide selection of sushi (shock) and then different meats served on sticks (another shocker) but the food was great, if slightly on the pricey side. But we had a great meal chatting away and catching up for a few hours.


Before I knew it, I thought it was time to head back all the way up to Heathrow to have a good enough sleep before the 6am wake up call. I had such a leisurely layover, but it was so nice to not be rushing around whilst in the UK for once. We had such a great flight there and back too which made the trip a great one all round.


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