A Day Trip To Durham

I thought I would write on a day trip I had whilst on my leave at home. Being at home isn’t very exciting for anyone who’s reading (as it is for me) but for my Mum’s 50th Birthday – sorry for announcing that Mum – me and my sister treated her to a spa day at Seaham Hall in Durham. I’d never been to Durham, so I was looking forward to visiting. Every time I have gone through Durham on the train I’ve always said how I wanted to visit the quaint and rustic city, so we made plans to spend a couple of hours in the city in the morning before heading over to the spa.

We left our house in Leeds and drove the 95 miles up north to Durham, ready for a morning coffee. We parked up and walked through the quaint city in search of a coffee stop and opted for a Starbucks just next to the river.


After our quick coffee stop, we wanted to wander up to the prestigious Durham Cathedral and Castle. Following the small and not very well advertised signs that were dotted on random walls in the city, it felt like we were walking through a secret passage way to get to the walk up to the cathedral.

Walking up we entered into what we realised was the grounds of the University of Durham, and I honestly felt like I was stepping onto the set of Harry Potter. The buildings had so much character and intrigue that you were just dying to step inside and see what was going on (which my Mum for some reason stopped me from doing) against the backdrop of the incredibly impressive cathedral.


We had a wander around the cathedral down the little streets with the small windy cobbled lanes – heeled boots were definitely not the correct footwear to be wearing. The whole place felt friendly, and people were walking around on their way to lectures, going about their daily errands. You could tell the buildings were old and just oozed a story to be told. Nothing was straightly aligned as would be a modern house, but this is what made Durham the charismatic place it was. It was somewhere I really wouldn’t mind living. People were ever so friendly, and would answer questions they overheard myself and my mum saying, they would smile at you in the street it was something I had really missed whilst living in Dubai.


Wandering back into the cathedral we went inside to have a look around and I wish I’d of been allowed to take pictures to show you how magnificent it is. For starters, the cathedral is huge. I can only begin to imagine the ceremonies that have taken and continue to take place in here and how decadent they must be and the atmosphere; amazing. All around the walls were intricately designed stained glass windows showcasing the most amazing artwork. I can only wonder how long these must have taken to design, create and implement into the wall. Durham Cathedral was built between 1093 – 1133, so with no things such as electricity, heat or modern building equipment, it was have been a difficult and dangerous task building a cathedral thats highest point is 218ft.

I was speaking to a man who worked at the cathedral and asked if Durham University held their graduations here which he confirmed they did. How beautiful it must be to have your university graduation here? I also asked whether you could be married here, don’t worry there aren’t wedding bells yet I was just curious!! And he said you had to be of significant importance or a working religious member of the cathedral. So that would be a no for me then!


Exiting the cathedral, we needed to make our way back over to the car and drive over to Seaham Hall for our spa day. It was another 20-25 minute drive over and right by the North East coastline. As we arrived we were greeted with hot raspberry tea whilst we signed the forms and filled in a little bit about ourselves before being given a tour of the facilities.


I didn’t have my phone on me for the majority of the day, so I didn’t take many pictures, plus I was on full relaxation mode… clearly all this time off work has been stressing me out – haha! But we had a full body massage which was just heavenly, champagne afternoon tea and full use of the wonderful facilities. Although a little cold in the chilly northern air, I think my favourite was the outdoor hot tubs looking over the beautiful grounds.


It was a really beautiful spa and both myself and my mum left feeling super relaxed. I would definitely recommend Seaham Hall Serenity Spa to anyone of all ages for a day of pampering, a stress reliever or even as a treat to yourself.


I’m back in Dubai now and back to flying tonight with a new destination for me which I’m really looking forward to. Although its forecast for rain and thunderstorms whilst I’m there (shock, I’m sure I’m cursed) so fingers crossed it holds off for a lovely sunny layover.

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