March 2017 Roster

It’s that time again where we get our rosters, this past month has gone so unbelievbly fast that I wasn’t even thinking “# more days till roster” this month, before I knew it, it was here. Anyway, in the month of March I shall be going to…

Normal Annual Leave
CEB/CRK – Cebu, Philippines And Clark, Philippines multisector
DME – Moscow, Russia Layover
LHR – London, UK Layover
MCO – Orlando, United States Layover
DME – Moscow, Russia Layover

Kicking off the month with my leave, I managed to get 6 extra days off before hand so I’m flying to London to spend some time there before taking the train back up to Leeds for my sisters 18th birthday. Also very pleased as it’s a month of no turn arounds, haven’t had that in a while!

Finally I have Cebu and Clark multisector in the Philippines, I have asked for this so many times and I’ve managed to finally get a great trip after my leave ends. After my trip to Manilla in January, I’ve been eager to return and explore more of the Philippines.

A new country and destination to tick off with Moscow. I’ve wanted to visit Russia when it’s cold enough to wear a fur hat, but not so cold that you physically cannot step outside haha. I’ve got two on this months roster, so I’ve been sending out a few swaps on the swaps page so stay tuned for where I could possibly end up!

London Heathrow always a pleasure to see London on my roster, unsure what I’ll get up to as the timings aren’t great. I may head over to Reading where I went to uni and catch up with some friends there.

And finally I have Orlando! The two big attractions here are Disney or Harry Potter World. I am such a huge Harry Potter fan, but Disney!!!! It’s going to be a hard decision on which one to visit. We have two days here but I don’t think I’ll be able to squeeze both in. But I’m very excited for this trip.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. abbey says:

    Have a wonderful time during your leave and HBD to your sis.
    blessed trips all through the month with exciting post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jeny says:

    Have a nice time in Moscow!
    It’s getting warmer here๐Ÿ˜„


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