December 2016 Roster

After much anticipation and nerves of what the festive month and also my birthday month is going to bring, the December roster has finally arrived. I must have done some good deeds to get some good karma this month, or the rostering gods were looking down on me saying Jess deserves a good roster and some happiness in her life, because I received THE BEST roster ever! Everything I bid for I receieved so I am beyond happy! In December I’ll be going to…

JED – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Turn Around
CPT – Cape Town, South Africa Layover
EBB – Entebbe, Uganda Layover
SFO – San Francisco, USA Layover
Normal Annual Leave
SEZ – Mahe, Seychelles Layover

I’m trying to swap my Jeddah turn around for a layover which would be nice, another month without a turn around flight, so fingers crossed for that! I’ve asked for Cape Town so many times now and I have finally got one which I can’t wait for. There is so much to do in Cape Town, so hoping that some of the crew is up for hiking up Table Mountain or going to see the penguins at Boulders Beach or even to the Cape of Good Hope. It seems I’m going to need another 2 trips to Cape Town!

After this, I have Entebbe in Uganda. Not a sought after destination however we stay by Lake Victoria. As a Geography graduate, I have learnt so much and done so many case studies on Lake Victoria so I can’t wait to see it in person and explore a new country in Africa as well!

Another new American destination of San Francisco and its a two day layover so a great chance to explore and sight see and also do some last minute Christmas shopping before I go on leave! I got the two days off after my leave so that I can spend my birthday at home rather than on a flight back to Dubai which makes me really happy, as last year my Christmas was spent in Dubai which wasn’t great and my birthday was spent on a turn around to Saudi Arabia haha…

And to bring me back to work, where I expected to be on a plane in the sky somewhere at midnight, I will actually be bringing in the New Year in the Seychelles! Hopefully on the beach, in a bikini with a coconut in my hand.

Over the moon with this roster, couldn’t have asked for anything better really, so thank you rostering gods for looking out for me this Christmas. 4 new destinations to explore and Christmas and my birthday at home with all my family and friends, I cannot wait.


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  1. Carlyn Evertson says:

    You’ll definitely need to come to Cape Town more than once to experience (almost) everything but a few tips I can give you are;
    You can also hike up Lions Head. The view from the top is amazing!
    You can get some sand between your at Camps Bay beach – a Hop On, Hop Off bus that tours the City will you there
    There’s so much to do. I hope you’ll enjoy your time here ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      Thank you Carlyn, I look forward to visiting CPT!


  2. abbey says:

    Have a great time in your new destination. enjoy your xmas and birthday break at home!


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