Hopping Home And To Harrogate

I don’t normally write on when I have a layover in Manchester as there often very relaxed (even though I’m zipping about here, there and everywhere non stop) and pretty uneventful to write about. But seeing as though I have two this month and me and my Mum went out for the day together, I thought I would do a little post. It was the afternoon flight out of Dubai landing into Manchester at 18:45. My Dad came to pick me up from the hotel, I would rent a car as we get a good discount being crew, but as I am not 23 till the end of the year which is when you can rent a car in the UK due to insurance, I’m still having to rely on either a lift or the train. The drive home took around an hour and I said hello to my Mum and we walked over to the pub for the pub quiz. My sister was working at the pub and my mum was going with her friends, so I had my friends join me for a nice evening at my old work place.


After an incredibly poor attempt at the quiz (10/20) I went home and crashed out into bed as I was up early the next morning to spend the day with Mum.


I woke up at 7:20 and got dressed and drove over to Harrogate with my mum. My mum had a dentist appointment there, so I said I would go with her and we could have lunch at our favourite place and go shopping. Whilst my mum was at her appointment I sat and had a cup of tea in the waiting area, it was a very posh dentist this one!

We then drove into the centre of Harrogate, parked up and did a bit of shopping before stopping for lunch at our favourite lunch place – Betty’s Tea Rooms. If anyone is ever in Yorkshire (as there are a few dotted around) I highly recommend. It is the best for Afternoon Tea and just regular lunch and me and my mum like to treat ourselves every now and again there.

It was soon time to head back to my house to get ready and say bye to the family for another 10 days (before I’m back again… my mum and dad keep saying to me “I thought you’d moved out Jess?”) before going back to Manchester Airport. Pulling into my drive I could really see that it was almost winter as the leaves on the tree had almost completely gone, whereas as week or so earlier when I was last home, it was covered in lovely orange leaves!



Not massively exciting, but I had the best day with my Mum! Also, I don’t know whether this is a real picture or if its photoshopped, but with all pictures of the super moon doing their rounds on social media, this came up on one of my Cabin Crew pages and thought it was too good not to share with you all.


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  1. I’m often shopping g and having lunch in Harrogate as it’s not very far from my home!

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    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      Ah you’ll be familiar with Betty’s and their wonderful lunches!

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  2. I live in a small town with its own Bettys, Um sure you must have been!


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