November 2016 Roster

Can’t quite believe my November Roster is here, it’s been a long month (still is) of reserve but it’s nice to be able to make some plans with my month! In November I shall be going to:

Normal Annual Leave
DUR – Durban, South Africa Layover
MAN – Manchester, UK Layover
DAC – Dhaka, Bangladesh Layover
BAH – Bahrain Turn Around
MAN – Manchester, UK Layover

It was a last minute request for leave as I wanted days off to go home for bonfire night and my dads birthday, so when I didn’t get the days off I asked for I requested for leave and it was accepted. So looking forward to going home and relaxing for a little bit, feel like I haven’t had a break from work in ages!

After this I have Durban where I’m hoping to go shark diving, I hope the crew want to do it too! Manchester is always great to pop home and I got two of those, not the best timings but great to stock up on UK essentials and see everyone if possible. Another new destination of Dhaka in Bangladesh! It’s usually a turn around but due to the late timings I’ve been given a layover so will be great to explore a new city. And only one turn around, so no complaints from this month as there are a few days off thrown in the mix too.

Once my reserve month is up, I’ll do a quick little post on what my day by day reserve roster turned out like and you can all have a better understanding of what it entails!


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