London At Last

So if you keep up to date with my blog, you’ll see from my September Roster post that I was originally rostered to be going to Jakarta, Indonesia despite bidding for this specific London Gatwick flight. After much time spent on the swaps page, I managed to change onto the flight I wanted so I could go to my friend’s memorial fundraising event! We left Dubai at 8:00am Saturday morning landing into London Gatwick at lunch time. The flight over was incredibly busy and I was also Duty Free operator so I didn’t feel like I got a moment to myself.

I’m coming for you LGW!

After checking in to the hotel I quickly changed out of my uniform and headed into Crawley town centre to grab a few things that I’d forgotten, stock up on some make up and have some lunch as I only managed a croissant and a salad on the flight over!

Back to the hotel to pack up an overnight bag as my best friends Mum was coming over to the hotel to pick me up and take me back to their house. I was staying in East Grinstead so that I would be closer to the event and to also stay the night (my friend has the best bed in the world which we refer to as the cloud). We made our way back to her house where she had made some brownies (her brownies are the most amazing thing ever) which we sat and ate with a cup of tea whilst catching up with her Mum and Dad. To explain, my friend (Kitty) isn’t actually at home at the moment she is away travelling and currently in Sydney so I was their adopted daughter for the evening!


Before we knew it, it was time to get ready and head over to the event for 7pm where I was finally going to be able to catch up with my friends and hopefully raise a lot of money in memory of our friend Coxy who passed away last year. The evening began with a sit down three course dinner and throughout the meal different awards were given out for his cricket team and also an auction and raffle which had lots of incredible prizes. I actually won a £60 Art Workshop voucher, however won’t be able to use it as I don’t live in East Grinstead and even when home its still over 200 miles away.



It was such an amazing evening with a great turn out, and I was told the next morning that we manage to raise an absolutely incredible £13,150 profit on the evening!! We are so close to our £100,000 target to build a sports pavilion in Coxy’s name, if anyone would like to see progress or even donate you can do so here:

The next morning I woke up early ready to head out to breakfast with my friends before the 11:30 wake up call. I said bye to Kitty’s Mum and Dad (Thanks so much for housing me for the night Pete and Sue!!) and we drove over to Crawley. I of course had a Full English breakfast as I like to at every given opportunity before going back to the hotel to get ready to go back to Dubai.


Yet again, an incredibly fast UK layover filled with seeing all my friends and also for an amazing cause. I’m sure I’ll be back soon London!!

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