A Slumber In Seoul

Sorry this blog post took a few days (a week) to be posted, but I have been ever so busy since I landed from Seoul that I am only now getting the chance to write and post it! Okay, so you may be a little confused by the title of this blog post, let me explain…


It was the 3:40am departure out of Dubai with a total of 8 hours 10 minutes over to South Korea. I’d had an awful nights sleep before the flight, I got to bed at 4am after landing from a turn around night flight, and woke up at 1pm and didn’t manage to get back to sleep before work. Arriving at HQ I grabbed my standard pre work vanilla latte from Costa and then headed through my eGate. On the flight over we got 30 minutes seat rest in a covered area at the back of the aircraft where we were able to sleep. I was on the first break (which I didn’t know) and as soon as we finished the service I told it was my time to go sleep. Feeling incredibly wide awake after the service I found it super difficult to switch off and managed to fall asleep 5 minutes before I was then woken up… A bit of a tease of a sleep and made me feel worse than anything. Anyhow, I powered through and we landed into Seoul at 5pm. At this point I’d now been awake 25 hours with a short 5 minute power nap, so you can imagine I was feeling pretty exhausted! The journey over to the hotel took an hour and 40 minutes, so I managed to get a bit of a sleep then which was good though!

I checked in and changed and headed down to the lobby to meet a few other crew to go out for Korean Barbecue. I’d heard really good things about it, so I was looking forward to some local food and drinks as I was getting pretty hungry now. We walked out of the hotel with a few recommendations from the concierge and tried the first one we got to. All 7 of us piled round a table ordering some Korean beers and two different platters of meat to try. Bowls upon bowls of rice and salad were brought out with different sauces and spices to dress the meat in.


The food was incredible and was a really nice experience have the barbecues on the table and cooking the meat to how you would like yourself. After about two hours in the restaurant, we headed further up the road for one drink before bed, however that soon turned into a night out in Seoul.


I had great plans to explore Seoul the next day, in particular I wanted to go to the Korean border or get a greater view of the city. However I managed to wake up around 5:23pm… with the wake up call being at 8pm. So I quickly threw on some clothes and headed out into the city to grab some breakfast (if thats what you can call it at that time) and a coffee to try and see what Seoul was like.


I was really disappointed in myself and this is such a disappointing blog post I’m sorry… I definitely need to go back and revisit Seoul to see what its about cause right now I don’t have much to say! All I can say is, I must have been really tired!


Tomorrow I fly to Toronto for a three day layover which I cannot wait for. I’ve been bidding for Canada for a while and my best friend Katie is coming to visit which is going to be so much fun, so I best go and pack now!

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  1. I love Seoul, there is so much to see. I am sure you will have another opportunity to go and explore it more 🙂 I can recommend the Gyeongbokgung palace and Seoul tower.

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  2. Grandma Myra says:

    Hi ya Jess .at home and feeling a lot better ” just what i needed to read about your trip to Seoul..sounds a amazing city ..and the food ..so colourful and interesting……I can’t wait to read about your next journey to Toronto … love you tons ,and think about you often ….in my heart ..Grandma Myra and Grandad John xxxxxxxxxx

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  3. Anna says:

    I follow a few Emirates blogs and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post on Toronto. Is it a difficult destination to get? Or is it only a certain crew that can fly it?

    Looking forward to the next post! 🙂


    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      I believe we only fly there either 2/3 times a week! And it’s a very high bid for destination plus you have to have your American visa to fly there also! New post should be up tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it!


      1. Anna says:

        Do you have to have a Canadian Visa to do US flights too?

        Thanks so much I find this all so fascinating!


        1. Jessicaaahhh says:

          No you have to have the American Visa, I think it’s because we fly over US air space!


  4. Jiamin says:

    A Seoul flight is on A340 right? Not on B777 or A380 🙈


    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      Emirates don’t have an A330s or A340s running any more, they stopped last month! This was an A380 flight to Seoul and I believe they’re all A380s on the Seoul service!


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