September 2016 Roster

My roster came through early this month which was a pleasant surprise, its my top bid month too so I was hoping for something good and here’s what I received…

YYZ – Toronto, Canada Layover
RUH – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Turn Around
COK – Cochin, India Turn Around
CGK – Jakarta, Indonesia Layover
LHR – London, UK Layover
JNB – Johannesburg, South Africa Layover

Absolutely over the moon that I’ve been rostered Toronto and its also a three day layover which happens to be over Labor Day Weekend! I’ve never been to Canada so its a new country to tick off for me and it also means I’ll be able to go to Niagara Falls which will be an incredible experience. Additionally, my best friend Katie who lives in the states is hoping to fly over to spend the weekend with me so its going to be such a fabulous trip if it all comes together!

Not surprised to see Saudi Arabia on my roster, it usually always happens and I only just landed from Riyadh in the early hours of this morning, but I prefer it when they give me my turn arounds back to back as it means they’re then done and out the way!

I’m disappointed with Jakarta as I specifically asked for a London Gatwick flight on those days as I’m hoping to attend a memorial event for a friend who sadly passed away a year ago in order to raise some money to have a sports pavilion after him, so I am desperately trying to swap off Jakarta and onto a Gatwick. After this they gave me London Heathrow, always happy to see London on my roster, just wish it was those few days before, but will be great to catch up with family in friends in one of my favourite cities.

And ending the month with Johannesburg. I’ve been here twice before, so not really that bothered to go back. I’ve put it up on the swaps page to try my luck and see if I can get a new destination!

Can’t quite believe I’m posting about my September roster already, it’s coming round to a year since I joined Emirates and I simply do not know where the time has gone. I’m currently on a rest day and due to fly to Seoul at 3:40am so I’ll be off back to bed in an hour or so to rest before the flight.

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  1. I am jealous of your roster lol! I am on the 380 and we only have 2 routes, JNB and YVR, I love them both but it can be sooo repetitive. I’m on the 777 and short haul Airbus too, but only ever get t&b or Abuja and Atlanta. I’m desperate to go somewhere new!!

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  2. I love reading and keeping up with your blog, ever since I found it in the first place. I just found out that I will be graduating an entire year early, so I’m considering it even stronger this time around!

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    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      Definitely go for it Brooke, you won’t regret it!

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  3. wanderlusterindubai says:

    Enjoying your posts so much and the destinations you go to and your opinion about every place you go to but I’m a little bit curious why you don’t have any US destinations on your rosters

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    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      Hi, I only received my US Visa in May but I just haven’t been rostered to the states yet, I’m desperate to go though as I studied abroad in America and its a place I love so much!


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