The Norths In Newcastle

It’s finally back to work for me with the lovely destination of Newcastle in the UK! A completion of the whole of the UK with Emirates destinations now. We departed Dubai at 7:25am with just a short 6 hours and 26 minutes over to Newcastle. Landing at lunch time, my parents were driving up to come and spend the weekend with me and as we pulled into the hotel there they were sat in the sun with a drink. I quickly headed up to the room to drop my things off and change so that we could go for a wander around Newcastle together.

A quick drink sat in the sunshine outside the hotel (very unusual for it to be a nice warm day in Newcastle for me) and we jumped into a cab and made our way down the Quayside.

IMG_646713936924_10155153357779972_1725297282_nIMG_6470 (1)

Wandering down the quayside and thinking wouldn’t it be lovely to be sat on a yacht in the sunshine drinking champagne, we continued along until we stumbled across the ‘Quayside Seaside’ a small patch of beach alongside the river which was packed out because of the perfect weather! Such a lovely idea I thought.


We stopped for a drink here as they had a small restaurant/bar area, but as it only had a restaurant license you had to have something to eat. Having just stopped for lunch ourselves, we decided to move further up the river to Pitcher and Piano where we sat outside in the garden terrace before heading back to the hotel to change for dinner that evening.

After a little rest and changing into some new clothes and a fresh face of make up after the flight we made our way back into the city centre towards The Botanist for something to eat. I was craving something traditionally English and opted for a pie with mash and mushy pies. Carb overload, but exactly what I wanted.

Feeling pretty full after food, we stopped for one last drink in Browns Bar before I went back to the hotel to bed after being awake for 24 hours. I was struggling to even keep my eyes open. The next morning we grabbed a full english (shock) in the hotel and me and mum went to Asda so that I could do a food shop to take things back to Dubai with me – got to stock up on that bacon! A quick trip to Costa and then before we knew it, I needed to be back in my room for the wake up call to travel back to Dubai.


Thanks so much for coming up to Newcastle Mum and Dad, I really appreciate the effort and I had such a lovely weekend with you both! Back in Dubai now for 3 days off and I’m wondering what to do with them… and then it’s off to Tokyo, and I seriously cannot wait for that trip.

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  1. Great photos! Jealous of your upcoming trip to Tokyo, I love that city!


    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      Yes can’t wait for Tokyo, my first time there so can’t wait to explore!


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