August 2016 Roster

The August roster has arrived! It’s my second top bid month and I’m pretty pleased with it, however as always I’m going to try doing some meddling around on the swaps page! So in the month of August I’ll be going to…

Annual Leave
NCL – Newcastle, UK Layover
HND – Tokyo, Japan Layover
NRT – Tokyo, Japan Layover
BAH – Bahrain Turn Around
RUH – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Turn Around
HND – Tokyo, Japan Layover

So I’m currently in the middle of my annual leave and I’m at home in the UK writing this, but tomorrow evening I depart Manchester and head to India for 4 days for a little holiday/vacation to see one of my best friends from university. I’m really looking forward to the trip and to actually explore India rather than just drop in on a turn around and then it’s finally back to work for me, I feel like I’ve been away absolutely ages. And I’m kicking it all off by heading straight back to the UK. Newcastle is probably my favourite city in the UK, I love it so much, so I was actually quite pleased to see it on my roster. I’ll be able to catch up with friends and have a night on the “toon”! It will also mean that I have visited every UK destination with Emirates too! Didn’t take me very long did it?

I’ve been asking for Japan ever since I was able to start bidding and I’ve finally been rostered to go to Tokyo and three times!!! I absolutely love sushi and the Japanese culture so I cannot wait to explore a new city and eat my body weight in sushi. Definitely going to try and swap one of the Tokyo layovers hopefully for Osaka so that I can complete Emirates Japanese destinations or maybe try for a new different country all together!

I’m also hoping to try and swap my turn around flights for a London Heathrow/Gatwick so that I can see some of my friends and my family that live in London. I love visiting London, there’s always so much to do and many people to see so here’s hoping that someone will want to swap with me! Fingers crossed ey?

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