Beach Babes In Bali

It was a morning flight out of Dubai to Denpasar in Bali and was an incredibly busy non stop flight the whole way over with us landing at 10pm. We checked in at the hotel and I had arranged to meet 3 of my best friends who were also in Bali (how perfect?) the next morning. So I ran myself a bath as it was an amazing bathroom and I had packed a bath bomb in my case!

I woke up at 8:50 the next morning ready to head from Nusa Dua over to Uluwatu where my friends were staying. The taxi to the other side of the island took 50 minutes, the taxi drivers in Bali seem to drive so slow! We grabbed some breakfast across the road from where they were staying before going to explore the area a little. I SO wish I had taken a picture of my breakfast cause we had the most amazing smoothie bowls topped with fruits and granola that were so yummy and looked amazing too!
We then headed towards Single Fin in the hope that there was a beach with low tide that we could sunbathe on. We wandered down lots and lots of steps to the shore past different shops selling lots of locally made gifts and souvenirs when we stumbled upon the most picturesque cove at Suluban Beach.
However the tide was in and there wasn’t actually much sun down there so we headed back all the way up the steps and walked over to Padang Padang Beach instead.
The beach was pretty empty except for maybe 10/12 other people and a few surfers and was just so beautiful.
We sat chatting and soaking up the sun before grabbing some lunch overlooking the beach. Lunch was so cheap and a chicken burger and chips cost me only £2!? I couldn’t believe it. After our lunch we then strolled along the beach as the tide had gone even further out and grabbed some fresh coconut to drink and to eat.
As the sun began to set we headed back to there hotel/hostel (not really too sure what to call it) for a quick dip in the pool and to get changed for the evening before going back to Single Fin for their Sunday Sesh.
Wandering down the many steps again we picked a place where we could watch the sunset and grab something to eat. However the service was so bad in this place and the staff super rude that I didn’t have time to actually get anything to eat as I needed to get back to the hotel ready to fly back to Dubai. We said our goodbyes, wondering when we’d be able to catch up again and I jumped in a taxi to the long journey back to the hotel.


I had the FASTEST layover ever and it was brilliant to be able to see 3 of my Granby Girls at the other side of the world in beautiful Bali and also be paid to do that… I think my job may be the best job ever? But on a serious note, EVERYONE must visit Bali at some point in there life. I have never seen anywhere so beautiful and idyllic in my whole entire life. I have to return there for a holiday so I can go and explore more of this island. There is so so much to do there.
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  1. Oh god it looks so beautiful, another place to add to the wishlist 🙂


  2. Phillip says:

    Tough life Jess! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      Someone has to do it though, ey?


  3. Grandma Myra says:

    hi Jess ,so so enjoyed looking at your pics of Bali they are fab ! and for you to have a wonderful re-union with your Granby girls ( extra special ) ..lots of love xxxx


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