July 2016 Roster

We received our July Roster’s early this month which was a nice surprise to wake up to yesterday morning. So in July I’ll be going to:

DPS – Bali, Indonesia Layover
DAC – Dhaka, Bangladesh Turn Around
WAW – Warsaw, Poland Layover
JNB – Johannesburg, South Africa Layover
SGN – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Layover
SEP Recurrent
BEY – Beirut, Lebanon Turn Around

Normal Annual Leave


So it’s a pretty mixed roster in terms of good and bad, 3 new destinations, 2 turn arounds and SEP. I’m incredibly excited for Bali as three of my friends who I lived with at University will be there at that time so I’m super excited to meet up with them and spend my 25 hours in Bali. I’ve never been to Poland so hopefully that should be an interesting trip – a new place to tick off the map! If you keep up with my blog you’ll know I’ve already been to Johannesburg and I LOVED it! Would be happy to return there however I’m going to look on the swaps page to see if I can get a new destination for it. After that I go to Ho Chi Minh city a destination I have wanted to visit for so long. I can’t wait to go down the Mekong Delta and explore the city, however this is just before I have my recurrent which isn’t fabulous! SEP recurrent is basically retaking exams to renew my license to fly. Can you believe it’s coming up towards a year since I moved here? Although my license doesn’t expire till October, I have my second top and top bid months in August and September so its nice not to have to waste those precious days in that month and because there is also so many cabin crew now we’re having to renew earlier to be able to fit everyone in! After this I have Beirut which is one of the longer turn arounds, I’m going to see if I can swap it for a layover as I have a day off before and after it so will try my luck on the swaps page. And then I’m on holiday for 2 weeks. Still unsure what I’m doing, I was meant to be going to Las Vegas, however two of my friends managed to get good internships so it fell through. I’ll see where I end up instead then!

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