Mediocre Mauritius

Now you may be confused with the title of this blog post. Who thinks of Mauritius as being mediocre? Well I had bid for Mauritius in April and when I saw it on my May roster I was super excited! I had three weeks to wait but I was already planning on how to spend my layover, checking out the hotel and googling the destination.  I even bought a new bikini for the trip! However the day before I checked the weather to see that there was going to be a few hours of rain in the morning. Not ideal as you don’t really picture yourself on an idyllic beach soaking up the suns rays whilst its absolutely pouring it down. But I thought, its only a few hours it will pass, it won’t ruin my trip.

The flight over was lovely, just two services and we landed into Mauritius at 6pm to the most beautiful sunset over the island. I wish I was able to have taken a picture. We disembarked, collected our luggage and went over to the hotel – which was just something else – and I managed to capture a gorgeous picture of the end of the sunset whilst checking in…


I went to my room and had agreed to meet the crew at the hotel bar in an hour for a drink before we headed to dinner. I’m also really annoyed that I didn’t take pictures of my room as it was so lovely and so big! They were huge beach houses with a room on each layover and I had the top floor with lovely views. On the flight over I’d been told the hotel does an amazing Piña Colada so I had a cocktail before  we went to dinner!


We had a lovely evening meal in the hotel and I went to bed around 11pm ready to get up early and make the most of the next day before the flight home, or so I thought…

I woke up at 8am super excited to finally see what Mauritius looked like and also spend a day on the beach doing water sports and exploring the island. So I got dressed, covered my self in sun cream and went over to the restaurant for breakfast.

The view from my balcony

Except as soon as I stepped out of my hotel room the heavens opened and there began the rain, so I double checked the weather and saw that is was now forecast to rain all day, I was absolutely heartbroken.


Because of the rain none of the crew really wanted to do anything (which I don’t really blame them) so I made the most of the breakfast buffet as I wasn’t going to be spending time in my bikini now!

I went back to my room and caught up on some of my UK tv and hoped that the rain would pass. After a couple of hours I noticed the rain had stopped so I quickly grabbed my things and ran outside to take some pictures that would hopefully look more rain free!



After about 5 minutes of no rain it started again so I had a wander round the hotel grounds but it was actually pretty cold so I headed towards reception to ask about a massage to give me something to do! They had a free space in a couple of hours time so I booked in for an Indian Head Massage and walked back to my room.

Just before my appointment at the spa the rain paused again for about 15 minutes so I went out to lay on a sun lounger and hopefully catch some rays, but it was very cloudy so I don’t think I did…



I walked over to the Clarins Spa which was so beautiful ready for my massage which would hopefully help me to relax and sleep before the night flight back to Dubai.


The massage itself wasn’t brilliant but the facilities were great and after wards I was able to wash the gorgeous oils out of my hair in an open air shower area which was pretty cool!




As I walked back to my room I realised I was actually pretty hungry at this point as I’d only eaten breakfast and that was at 9am, however I had missed lunch so I decided to order some room service and then try and sleep before the flight.


I tried to nap but failed so it was a tiring night flight back for me. Sorry for the not very exciting post, but as you can imagine it was a pretty disappointing trip for myself!

Mauritius, as beautiful as you are, I didn’t really get to truly experience you, so I will be back for sure to see why everyone loves this destination so much! I head to Jakarta in a few hours time where the weather is also meant to rain the whole time, it seems that the stereotypical British weather is following me wherever I go, I’m hoping that it cheers up a little bit when I’m there!

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  1. Grandma Myra says:

    Still enjoying your Blog Jess ! I enjoy seeing the world through it ! your pics of Mauritius ” are lovely! the next time you are there , hopefully the sun will be shining ! or as Granddad would say ! ” it will be cracking the flags ” and will be beautiful ! Love you lots ,and think of you often Grandma Myra and Granddad John xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. georg says:

    hello jes,

    I attended an open day and was eliminated while doing group exercises sitting in a circle.
    Dont you know after how long time can I reapply and attend an OD again? is there any limit at all when i didnt make it through to the final interview?

    thank youu 🙂


    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      I believe it’s 6 months but just call and ask!


  3. Hi there ! I’m currently waiting for the result of my final interview and I’m super nervous ! I’m enjoying your blog so much ! You’re such an inspiration! I hope I’ll get the job so I can start my own travelogue ! Wish me luck ! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      Good luck, it’s a tough waiting game but worth it when you get the call you want! Glad you enjoy my blog ☺️


  4. ARJ says:

    Not mediocre Mauritius, but mediocre is your time passed there . . .


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