Honey, I’m Home!

Finally, a trip to Manchester. I was originally rostered Hong Kong but I have visited twice now and flown there three times so I wasn’t bothered for revisiting quite so soon, so when someone sent me a swap for a Manchester flight I couldn’t click accept fast enough.

The flight departed at 7:25 in the morning landing into Manchester at lunchtime. The flight over was so lovely, only a half load and the majority of passengers slept (a real shocker for Manchester apparently) so it went pretty quickly and we were soon landing into Manchester International Airport. We headed to the hotel, checked in and I got changed ready to go back to Leeds to see my family – not before stopping for a quick Starbucks for the journey home. Thanks Chris for coming to get me ๐Ÿ™‚

At home my Mum had made my favourite paella and also her famous meringue/pavlova (which she also sent me back to Dubai with too) and my Grandma Carol came over for a coffee and a catch up.

Next I headed over to my Grandma Myra’s as she’d forgotten I was home again so I popped in for a cup of tea and see how her and my Grandad were!


A quick dash over to my friend Ellie’s as I’d not managed to see her the past two times I’ve been home…


Then it was back home to watch my favourite tv shows tucked up in bed with my sister before an early rise. My Grandma’s came round the next morning to see me in my famous Emirates uniform, as the only person who’s seen me in it is my Mum! They waved me off and then my Dad drove me back to Manchester to meet the rest of the crew to go back to Dubai.


It was without a doubt the fastest layover I’ve done but it was so perfect and loved seeing everyone even if it was just for a flying visit – excuse the pun. I’ll be back again soon Manchester I’m sure! Sorry this was a pretty uneventful blog post but it was just a trip to home, so not much sight seeing to be done haha!


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  1. Karen McGarr says:

    Loved this! Especially the picture with your two Grandma’s, they look so proud of you. And the pavlova looks amazing!


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