A Leisurely Lyon Layover

I managed to swap my Singapore flight to a Lyon one which I was glad about as I had already visited Singapore before and wanted to explore some new destinations that Emirates fly to, so after sending out a few swaps a Lyon one got accepted!


We flew out on the afternoon flight landing into Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport around 7:30pm. Myself and another one of the economy crew team decided to head out to dinner and wandered down out of the hotel to a restaurant we were recommended close by. However when we sat down and were finally given the menu after waiting for 20 minutes there wasn’t actually very much on it that we wanted to eat and also ridiculously over priced so we headed back to the hotel to eat there as we got 50% off for being crew. Except when we got there they said that they weren’t serving any more even though it wasn’t 10pm on a Saturday night yet? So we just ended up getting room service and going to bed ready to get up early and explore the city the next day.


The next morning I woke early got ready and went downstairs to meet some of the crew to go and explore. Only one other girl managed to wake up and meet downstairs for 9am so we grabbed a map and worked our way into the city.


First we stopped for some breakfast and planned our movements for the day and what we wanted to see. The glorious weather meant that we could sit out in the sunshine which was so lovely.


We wanted to visit the Basilique Notre Dam de Fourvière as it is meant to have incredible views over the city and a pretty impressive cathedral with stunning decor. There is a cable car (or so we were told) up to the top and as it was a pretty warm day we decided on that. Although upon trying to find the cable car – which was actually a tram – we managed to walk all the way up to the top!


We soon forgot that we had completely surpassed the tram when we got to the top and saw the amazing views over the city of Lyon.


We then went to look inside the cathedral and as it was a Sunday morning, Sunday Mass was happening which was lovely to see. The acoustics inside the cathedral were incredible but as the service was on we weren’t allowed to take pictures so I can’t show you the insane paintings on the ceilings or the architecture inside sadly.

At the top we managed to find the cable car/tram to take you to the bottom, so we jumped on and headed in the direction of the weekend farmer’s market!


We bought some groceries to take back to Dubai with us and tasted lots of different samples the whole way down the street. The market was so big and was selling everything from food and drinks, to things for your garden and cooking utensils. We ate lots of different cheeses and meats whilst walking along and tucking into our fresh crusty french baguettes.


Next we wandered back to the bus stop to head to the park opposite our hotel which was utterly gorgeous. The park was huge and had a lake with peddle boats to rent, train rides for the children (which we actually went on…) and was filled with people eating picnics in the sunshine.


We sat and fed the ducks with our left over baguettes and walked around the lake with a much needed ice pop and slush puppy before we jumped on the little train and made our way back to the hotel for a nap before our wake up call. Lyon is a really gorgeous city which I am so glad I visited, however now I have been, I don’t think I would return anytime soon as there isn’t much to do there, but definitely worth a visit once in your life time if you get the chance!

Sunrise heading back towards DXB

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  1. LottieClarke says:

    I have major food envy right now D: Everything at that farmer’s market looks so tasty! Loving your blog as always, but especially the pictures of this trip 🙂 x

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    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      The food was amazing, I ate so much ham and cheese!! Thank you! X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Karen McGarr says:

    Hi Jessica, love your blog, always fun to read. You’re the same age I was in 1989 (!) when I joined British Airways as crew, you might enjoy a peek at my blog which is basically my diary from that year, one of many changes as you well know! Best to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Boris says:

    There s plenty to do in Lyon : musée Confluence, the modern arts museum etc the night life is great too with for instance ” les pubs de la rue Sainte Catherine”…


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