April 2016 Roster

My April roster is here and this is also the first month I can start swapping flights too, so even though this is what I’ve been rostered, I’m going to try and swap a few things around:

JNB – Johannesberg, South Africa Layover
LIS – Lisbon, Portugal Layover
DOH – Doha, Qatar Turn Around
LOS – Lagos, Nigeria Layover
AMM – Amman, Jordan Turn Around
BHX – Birmingham, UK Layover
JNB – Johannesberg, South Africa Layover

I’m trying to swap my first Johannesberg flight so that I can go skiing with my family as I have some days off before hand and hopefully change my Birmingham to Manchester or a new destination. So all in all a nice enough roster  and only two turn arounds, can’t quite believe March is almost over though. Where has this month gone!?

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