Bustling Bangkok

I was unsure whether to write about my recent trip to Bangkok or not as it was pretty uneventful. The flight over was full so it was very busy as it was a day flight with the majority of passengers awake. We landed ahead of schedule though which was nice as it gave us a bit more time for our layover however the traffic in Bangkok through rush hour was crazy, so much hustle and bustle going on. As it was a girl from business class’s birthday, 10 of us decided to go out for dinner and then head over to the Kho San Road (a popular hot spot for backpackers).


We ordered some lovely thai dishes and of course many portions of mango sticky rice whilst we sat outside. I thought it may be too warm to eat outside when we had landed but it cooled down enough and was lovely.


After this we jumped into a Tuk Tuk and one of the crew had said how we had to go to this club he knew. After much deliberation we agreed, however when we got there I was really disappointed  as it was a pretty rubbish club, however we still made it a fun evening!


The next morning I planned to go to NBK a shopping area in Bangkok that is meant to do really good fakes and cheap shopping. However, I was supposed to wake up at 8:30am and I actually woke up at 3:15pm which just gave me enough time to order room service and get ready to go back to work…


So all in all, it was a very tame layover. I didn’t do much but I guess I needed my sleep! I’ll have an exciting blog post in a few days time though as I am going to Beijing and I am super excited to visit the Great Wall Of China!


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