Back To College

This past week I have been back at Emirates Aviation College for my service reassessments that mark the end of probation, to learn Duty Free and to also graduate! The week began on Monday morning with a 7:30 start. For the first two days we had different sessions, exams and assessments to ensure we were still up to the Emirates standard whilst we’re on board and handed in our portfolios that we had been completing over the last 4 months of flying.  The third day consisted of learning duty free so that I can begin selling on board. I was then told I had passed everything with an overall score of 99.3%, so close to that 100% however still pleased with my score and able to graduate the next day!



Back with my much missed Milky Choc

On Thursday it was finally time to graduate and it was such a lovely ceremony. Many parents and friends had flown in to come and watch which was so nice and we were informed of different things people had done on board which they received special awards for.


Here is the video of myself walking onto the stage to collect my certificate:

So I’m now out of probation (yay) which means I can start swapping my flights with other crew, bidding for flights and also leave Dubai on my days off so I’m hoping to visit the Maldives for a little holiday soon! A short post, but just a little update on what I have been doing.


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  1. Margarida says:

    Hi Jessica!! I wonder if you could tell me what the portfolio is consisted on, and if you only have to do it during the probation period or all the time..
    Love reading your posts, please keep writing them! 😊 all the best!


    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      It’s just different tasks to be completed over the 4 month period of probation to show how you are on board. Glad you’re enjoying them, thank you ☺️


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