Brightly Coloured Brazil

My recent trip was to São Paulo in Brazil which was a new city, country and continent for me to tick off my list! The flight over was 15 hours and 15 minutes (the longest flight I’ve done so far) but went much quicker than I thought! I had a 4 hour rest in the crew rest which I managed to get some sleep in this time, so that helped to speed things along. We landed into São Paulo around 6pm and got to the hotel around 8:30pm. A few of the crew were heading to dinner however I wasn’t feeling brilliant and was super tired, so I went to bed and arranged to meet a few of the crew in the morning to explore.

I woke the next morning around 8:20 and we had arranged with a driver to go to the beach, however upon waking up it was raining so bad that we scrapped those plans and took the metro into the city to wander round and see what São Paulo is like.

We first decided to go to Beco De Batman which is a street filled with graffiti art, it took a while to find in the rain but eventually we made it and there were some really good pieces!



We were really beginning to get wet with the rain now, so we made our way back to the metro to try and dry off a bit before going to the Rainforest Park which is a small patch of rainforest in the middle of the city. As we got out of the metro the rain had FINALLY stopped and the sun was really shining which was so lovely to walk through the park with.


After this we headed to Rua Oscar Freire St which is where the main street of shops are. We weren’t that bothered for shopping in general, however they have a big Havaiana Store and the flip flops are so much cheaper there (around £5 a pair) so we wanted to all buy new flip flops.


I also had my flip flops customised with little swarovski turtles!

After this long day of walking we were all pretty hungry so we stopped for food in a little american themed restaurant where I was given the biggest portion of BBQ ribs I have ever seen!! By this point I was very tired and ready to head to bed for a few hours sleep before the flight so myself and Laura headed back to the hotel and left the other two to visit the cathedral.


I had a wonderful time visiting Brazil with such a wonderful crew, and can’t wait to see more cities in this amazing country! Obrigada São Paulo, I’ll be back again soon hopefully!

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  1. Grandma Myra says:

    Hi Jess I have just read your blog and so enjoyed the interesting and beautiful pics ! it looks truly tropical and with lush vegetation ! You sound to have really enjoyed your visit to Sau Paulo ! we hope you are fully rested after your long flight ! we think about you lots ” and we send you all our love ..Grandma Myra xxxxxxxx


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