A Lovely London Layover

My most recent trip was to London Gatwick which I was looking forward to as it meant I could see my uni girls and also my auntie, uncle and cousins that live there! I was also more pleased with Gatwick than Heathrow as it’s much closer to everyone!


I landed at 6:20am and as soon as I got to the hotel I went straight to bed as soon as possible as my friends Kitty and Ellie were coming over around 10am. After a couple of hours sleep, they arrived and we were busily chatting whilst I got ready. We then went over to Kitty’s house so I could see her mum and have some of her fabulous baking and have a catch up of everything. After a cup of tea and some cake they dropped me off at the station so I could head on over to my Auntie and Uncles to go and surprise my cousins by picking them up from school.


Seeing my little cousins faces when I picked them up from school was the cutest, and we called at a cafe by the lake on the way home for a coffee and the kids drew me some pictures and showed me how good their spellings and writing were getting.


We went back to their house for a short while before I then headed off again to meet all my uni girls for a meal in central London.

We had a gorgeous meal at Madison which over looks St Pauls cathedral and has gorgeous views of the London skyline. I went for the most amazing king prawn and tuna Korean BBQ styled skewer with Parmesan and rocket salad.


After eating I was seriously struggling to stay awake and couldn’t wait to collapse into bed. We headed back on the tube and started parting ways and an hour and a half later I was back at the hotel and ready to go to sleep.

It was such a perfect layover (minus the lack of sleep) spent catching up with my friends and family and before I knew it my 26 hours were over and I was heading back to the sand pit. Not very exciting but exactly what I needed/wanted!

I was meant to be flying to Hong Kong (again) tomorrow, however I have been pulled off and put on reserve for 3 days so I’m hoping for a new layover destination for me to explore – I shall keep you posted!

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ย xo

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  1. Moritz says:

    Looks extremly enjoyable! London is always a pleasure ๐Ÿ™‚


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