Sunny Sri Lanka

My latest trip was another multi sector to the Maldives and Colombo, sadly I didn’t get a layover in the Maldives however flying over and coming into land was the most amazing thing. After our stop over in the Maldives it was just a short one hour flight over to Colombo where we had a 26 hour layover.


That evening we landed around 6:30pm and some of the crew had decided to head down to the hotel buffet, as many people said how good it was and offered a lot of local delicacies. It was a lovely evening with lots of yummy food however when I got back up to my room I saw that I had been bitten 43 times (I KNOW) on my legs which wasn’t great.


I woke around 10:30 the next morning and headed to the lobby to meet some of the crew to go to the beach. I had wanted to go to the Elephant Orphanage but the timings of our layover didn’t make it viable as it was a two hour drive there and a two hour drive back, so I’ll save that for another visit.

Good Morning Sri Lanka

We jumped into two tuk tuks and headed toward Negombo Beach. We first made a stop for some lunch as the majority of us hadn’t eaten yet and found a lovely place called The Pearl along the beach front.

After we had eaten, we set up our place on the beach for some sunbathing and swimming in the Indian Ocean. The waves were so strong there and you actually really struggled to get out of the sea!


We were just minding our own business chatting away when suddenly a little Macaque monkey ran over to us wanting to have a drink of our water! I couldn’t believe it, he was so cute and had little red trousers on and we were told he was one year old and that his name was Michael. He was so well behaved and always responded to his name and was running about all over us! There was also a man with a huge snake asking if we wanted pictures but I passed on that, I was too scared.


Around 4pm we packed up our things and took the tuk tuks back to the hotel before calling in at the supermarket to get some local items. It was a very mellow layover but it was very relaxing and a lot of fun with such a fab crew, it just made me sad how poor Sri Lanka is and how there is such a divide between the world.


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  1. Andrre says:

    Great post again Jess I want to go there as well


    1. Grandma Myra says:

      Hello my gorgeous girl .. …I have just looked at your latest blog on your recent visit to Sri Lanka ! I feel i am on a world tour with you ,you make your blog soso interesting ” The little macuque monkey certainly took a shine to you Jess on the beach ! we think about you often .. and miss you loads ” lots and lots of love xxxxxxxxxxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jessicaaahhh says:

        Glad you’re enjoying the posts grandma, miss you so much love you xxxx


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