Glasgow Greetings

I’m back from a very bittersweet layover from Glasgow. I say bittersweet as my friend Ellie was meant to be coming up to visit and stay with me for my 24 hours however the bad weather and flooding in England stopped the trains between Manchester and Glasgow which stopped her from coming up! So when I landed I went from being so excited to so disappointed – not your fault tho Els!

Ready to check in for Glasgow!

Anyway, the flight was a relatively easy one on the way over a lot of passengers slept due to it being an early morning flight and it was so lovely to have fellow UK passengers on the flight who I got chatting to. We landed 15 minutes early and got on the bus to the hotel. As I wasn’t meeting my friend I decided to make the very most of being back on UK soil and shop till I drop. I had christmas presents to exchange and vouchers to spend so I wandered around the city centre dashing in and out of the rain.


Glasgow really reminded me of my home Leeds. The city centre was very similar and people very friendly, the rain probably helped with it feeling like home too, but it was so nice to wear wintery clothes and put my boots on rather than the flip flops I seem to live in in Dubai.


As it started to get darker, I looked for somewhere to eat that would be quick as I was eating alone when I stumbled across Five Guys. I was meant to be on the New Years diet however this soon went out of the window.


I quickly called into Tesco to stock up on UK essentials like Sensations and hairspray and porridge sachets before going back to the hotel to watch some UK television!


The next morning I woke up for my wake up call, got dressed and headed downstairs to meet with the rest of the crew for the flight. It wasn’t a very exciting layover so there wasn’t much to write about, however I had the most wonderful 24 hours and I was very sad to leave and felt a bit homesick! Still hoping I have a Manchester layover very soon!!


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