A Turn Around Or Two

I’m not usually going to write about my turn around flights in the future as I just go to work, get on the flight, land at the destination and then come straight back to Dubai. However, as these two are my first turn around and my first operational flight, I thought I would write a little post on them.

So my last supernumerary flight (supy) was to Beirut, Lebanon and that was a rather long day at work – 14 hours in total from door to door to be precise. I didn’t have a position on board, I was mainly there to observe in preparation for my first operational flight, but I got involved in all aspects of the service and familiarised myself with the cabin and galley etc. The service went smoothly and before I knew it I was having something to eat and the Captain’s PA for arrival was being made announcing our descent into Lebanon. You are on ground for around an hour or so before the plane takes back off ready to return to Dubai so its only a flying visit. Literally. As there was only one space in the cockpit and there were two supys for this flight I was seated in the cockpit for the return flight back to Dubai. The weather in Lebanon was so bad when we landed, the rain was awful and just as we were taxi-ing to the runway, it began to thunder and lightning. Taking off through the storm was so amazing and also quite scary to watch with bright flashes sporadically lighting up the clouds. However we soon moved out of the storm and we were well on our way to Dubai. Again the flight went well, it was much quieter on the return journey as it was a night flight and many passengers were sleeping so there weren’t as many passengers to serve. Touch down in Dubai and I got on the bus home to bed absolutely exhausted after my long day at “the office”.

Ready for my final Supy!

My next flight was my first operational flight and I was incredibly nervous for this! For starters we have safe talk where we are asked questions in relation to different safety aspects on board the aircraft which we must answer correctly to fly so this was adding to my nerves. And I also have a role and position on board the aircraft with different things to do. I was flying with Annabel – one of the girls from my DOJ – for this flight to Saudi Arabia which was really nice to have a familiar face on board and someone who is also in the same boat as me. As its a short flight of under two hours to Saudi Arabia the service has to do be done quickly in order to serve everyone and have everything cleared away ready for descent. Doing the service by myself for the first time was quite nerve racking however I managed to do everything with time to spare and also do everything correctly. Again it was a quick turn around and the same applied for the journey home.

I think my first operational went really well and I feel really happy and confident as a member of cabin crew now. Just a few more turn arounds to go through before my next layover which will be a multi sector trip going from Dubai > Singapore > Brisbane > Singapore > Dubai. I’m really looking forward to this trip as there is so much I want to both in Singapore and Brisbane and I’ll (hopefully) have a fun filled blog post after that trip. I’m currently enjoying three days off so I’m going to sunbathe, rest and try and begin my Christmas shopping.

Sorry this was such a short and straight to the point post but with turn arounds there isn’t really much to say hence why I won’t post about them in the future, but any questions don’t hesitate to post below.

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