The End of Training, The Beginning Of Travelling The World

I cannot quite believe that training is over. The last eight weeks at training college have gone by so quickly. I have learnt so so much and had so much fun with everyone, and I really am going to miss going there every day. I have had some seriously amazing trainers who have been so informative yet also made every day so interesting and exciting and given so many tips for different aspects of cabin crew life. I honestly cannot fault Emirates Aviation College on anything from the facilities, to the simulators, to the lessons, to the buildings. They have all been second to none. I feel really privileged to have gone through this course!


The past seven days were incredibly exciting, and we began last week with the simulator flight to JFK (John F Kennedy Airport, New York). I am feeling so much more confident both in the galley and the cabin and I am seriously loving these simulator flights. On the US flights I ate a hot breakfast and also a light bite which was pizza, so good! The next simulator session was to London Heathrow which I was really pleased about, as this is where I will be going on my first flight! So good practice for myslef. This time as the passenger I was served Afternoon Tea which is my absolute favourite and it was so scrummy! I will be incredibly jealous serving the afternoon tea to all the passengers on my flight there this week. The final simulator flight we did as a batch was to Narita in Tokyo! I ate the most delicious ginger chicken dish and after this I was feeling so ready to finally get on board the aircraft and be able to do all this for real. I can’t believe in the space of two weeks I have gone from knowing very little about service, to knowing every tiny little thing we have to do to create Emirates World Class Service.

For our final service day on the Thursday it was our turn to operate the Doha flight with a full cabin as we had experienced this as passengers two weeks ago. Not everyone is a cabin crew member for this flight as all the batches on the same date of joining do this together. So every batch picks 2 to 3 ideal cabin crew members and the people with the most votes are the operating crew for the Doha flight – and I was picked!! It was so nice to think that my batch feel I’m an ideal cabin crew member and would be able to positively represent our batch. I was assigned the position of galley operator which I feel is becoming my favourite position on board, so I was really happy about this.

Me and Annabel ready for Doha!

As this week drew to a close, this left only two days at Aviation College and this was more of the admin side of the things such as getting our SEP (Safety and Emergency Procedures) licenses, meeting with our managers and knowing what to do the day before your flight and where you need to go and what you need to do the day of the flight! I’m actually rather sad that college is over, its been nice to have a routine and see familiar faces day in and day out and I’ve had a wonderful batch by my side the whole way through.

Batch 2939’s Final Day Of Service

Gaining our licences was such an amazing moment and it felt so great to stand up there with everyone else knowing that all our hard work over the past eight weeks had finally been worth it.



The last photo of batch 2939 until we graduate together in March!

So from here on out it’s travelling for me and getting to see what an amazing world we live in. I’m incredibly nervous for my first flight but also so unbelievably excited for it. I have been waiting for this moment since I first began thinking of Emirates around the end of November 2014, so it feels so amazing to finally be here! But I have gained my wings and I’m now ready to say “Hello Tomorrow” – yay!!

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  1. Gabi says:

    Bon voyage, girl!

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  2. Neera says:

    Read your whole blog and it was AMAZING! I just have 1 question do you have the graduation ceremony right after training or after your six month probation period.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much Neera! Your graduation is when your six month probation ends, you head back to college for three days and on the final day you have a ceremony where family/friends are able to attend too should they wish!


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