Service Training (And A Trip To The Desert)

Now to learn what Emirates is renowned for, its world class service. At 7:30am last Sunday I was in my seat at college  ready for the next week ahead of me, and wow what a lot I have already learnt! Through different classroom sessions, simulator practicals, aircraft familiarisation lessons and exams I am now beginning to get to grips with the order of the service, how to conduct the service and all the products we have on board the aircraft. We also had a food tasting session where we were able to sample different foods that are served on Emirates flights so we can describe the meals to passengers and give our own recommendations.


The first “flight” (Not a real flight, just in the simulator, but you bring out the meals and drinks etc, change into the correct outfit for when you’re on board and about to land, things like that) which we conducted was a flight to Delhi.


So that we have passengers to serve on board the aircraft, we split our batch in half. So one half are passengers and the other half are cabin crew and vice versa. To begin with I was a passenger and we are given different customer profiles so that we can do the necessary things that need to be done on board. For example, when children are on board toys are given out to them. I had a lovely meal and to begin with I had an Indian salad which was so yummy, then a mutton curry for my main and pudding was a cheese and almond sort of dish. Drinks were followed and then before we knew it was time to land as its only a short flight of 3 hours 10 to Delhi.


Next it was my turn to be the operating crew! As this was our first time doing the full flight and we were still learning where everything is and how everything works, one of our trainers was the galley operator to ensure a smooth running of the flight and give us guidance. The flight flew by (no pun intended there). I can’t get over how quickly it went just with everything we have to prepare and do. It all felt a little rushed as we were still so new to this and I made a few mistakes, but this is a good thing as we can learn from this and won’t make the same mistakes again. I absolutely loved being the crew, it was so much fun and it made me so much more excited to be up in the skies doing this on a daily basis.

The next flight we did was to Karachi and this time the galley operator would be one of us. I volunteered to be the galley operator as I find that when I’m thrown in at the deep end, I seem to learn better and know what I’m doing. It was a stressful job for our first flight with no help, but we pulled through and managed to serve a hot breakfast followed with beverages to all our passengers on board the aircraft on the 2 hour flight to Karachi. I really feel as though I am getting the hang of the service aspect of being cabin crew, only one more week left of the service training and we will all be good to go!

My team after being the operating crew! #dreamteam
My team after being the operating crew! #dreamteam

This weekend, a fair few people who joined on 25th September, like myself, decided to go and do a desert safari. I had wanted to go and do this for a long time and it’s on my Du-Bucket List (Dubai/Bucket List = Du-Bucketlist) so I was really looking forward to it!! At 3pm on Friday we were picked up from HQ and taken out into the desert. When we got there, we were all taken in jeeps on a crazy ride over the sand dunes. It was SO bumpy and SO fast that me and Marnie kept whacking our heads on the ceiling in the back as we were sat above the wheel. After this, we were dropped to the main area where there was a big arena, camel rides, falcons, henna, the option to try on the local Arabian dress and of course, plenty of photo opportunities! The camel ride was hilarious, and there is a video below of me and Marnie when the camel kneels down for us to get off, it makes me laugh so much.

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In the evening, when the sun had set, there was a show and an arabic buffet with lots of delicious foods to try. We sat watching the show chatting and eating, but before we knew it was time to get back in the jeeps and head back to HQ.

On a side note, I also met Will Poulter (We’re The Millers, The Maze Runner) this weekend. He was so lovely and happy to chat, and We’re The Millers is one of my favourite films – so funny if anyone hasn’t watched!!

I had such a lovely weekend, again it went incredibly quickly, however I am so excited and also sad that this next week is the final week of aviation college. I cannot wait to be working up in the sky and getting to travel the world – I am impatiently waiting for my December roster to come out to see where in the world I’ll be going and also where I will be for Christmas, my birthday and New Years Eve. But I am also so sad that this is the last week of training college as I’m going to miss seeing everyone on a daily basis and spending time with my batch! It’s going to be very difficult to get everyone together all at the same time when we are flying, so I’m going to make the very most of this last week with them all – I love you batch 2939!

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  1. Ariel says:

    do you know any cabin crew who’s a vegetarian? i really wouldn’t want to taste the dishes with meat on it…

    thanks again for your posts, Jess!


    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      Lots of crew are vegetarian, you’re not forced to eat anything you don’t want to!


      1. Ariel says:

        thanks a lot, Jess! you’re the best.

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