From The Red Polo To The Emirates Uniform

This past week saw the last of the red polo shirts for training. It’s crazy to think how fast training is going, and I now only have 11 days left at Aviation College! The week began with our security training which was incredibly interesting to learn about and we had a class on self defence which was so much fun. I passed the security training with 100% in my exam, and this meant we were ready to move onto Image and Uniform Day.


Image and uniform day was such a lovely one and it was so nice to finally head off to college head to toe in the Emirates uniform. The day began with what the correct uniform is to wear for each part of the flight and what to take in your cabin bag and your layover suitcase. We then continued through the day with how to maintain your hair and the different hair styles that you can wear for work, how to apply your make up, the best products to use and what you should wear for work. We also got to try out lots of different products to see what would be best for ourselves and our skin types and practice the different hair styles on each other.


Nail care was also discussed, how to take care of your nails, the colours to wear and how to keep them looking immaculate. After this there was ample time for plenty of pictures to be taken and have our first batch picture in uniform taken!

Here is an example of the male and female uniform as modelled my Samy and myself!
Batch 2939!!


Following on from this we were assessed on our image and uniform to make sure that we are looking immaculate and that our uniform fits correctly and we all passed marking the end of image and uniform day. We were then given our name badges which we could attach to our jackets and waistcoats to complete our final uniform look!


Our next day Nujoum – which translates to mean stars – was a day we had been waiting in anticipation for. However, I am sworn to secrecy and cannot divulge the information on what we did! What I will tell you is that it was a really lovely day and it was so nice to wear my own clothes for a change. The final day of the week marked the beginning of service which is the final chapter in our Emirates training! In just over two weeks time service will be over and training will be completed and we will all be licensed to fly.

Our introduction to service was such a fun one, after a couple of sessions in the classroom we had a practical in which we were to be passengers on a “flight” to Doha for which other trainees who were two weeks ahead of us were being assessed on. I say flight in quotation marks as it was only on the simulator and we didn’t actually leave Dubai, but everything else such as the flight times and the service were what would be experienced on a flight to Doha which lasts 45 minutes. To start with we were given boarding cards and were to be welcomed on board the aircraft and directed to our seats.

My name is not Kimberley Gamet, however everyone was given names for the assessment.

Once we were all seated the flight “departed” and service soon commenced on its way to Doha. We were all served a meal followed by hot beverages before we “landed”. In just 2 weeks time, it will be myself operating the flight to be assessed and that will be the end of service, so a lot is to be learnt but I’m excited and can’t wait to complete the final stage!!

This weekend I wanted a more relaxed weekend but also wanted to use it wisely as soon they will be coming to an end. When college ends, so does my routine and I will be here, there and everywhere at different times and days throughout the year. On Friday I went to the Dubai Mall to indulge in some much needed retail therapy and to grab some sushi. I’m gonna let you into a little story which has actually just changed my life. At Yo Sushi this Thursday Grace ordered some Edamame beans and began to eat them.


Last weekend, I had previously ordered some of these with my family at Asia Asia as we had never eaten them before but heard many people rave about them so thought we would give them a try. We were a little disappointed with them but thought nothing of it, just thinking maybe they were not for us. I was watching Grace eat the beans and was wondering why she had left half of them. I asked her what was wrong with the beans and she said nothing and that she had eaten them? I replied by saying but you’re leaving them all on the seperate plate, is there something wrong with those? To which she told me that the correct way of eating them was to pop the inside of the bean into your mouth AND NOT EAT THE WHOLE THING LIKE ME AND MY FAMILY HAD DONE! I couldn’t believe this and had to double check with the chef who too confirmed Grace’s way was the correct way of eating them. All around me then, I could see others popping the beans into their mouths rather than eating the whole thing like I had been doing. I was absolutely mortified but could not stop laughing and neither could my family when I informed them of how stupid we must have looked at Asia Asia eating the whole beans. Our waiter must have thought we were throwing the shells of the beans into the marina.

Saturday consisted of a lazy day at the Double Tree down by Jumeriah beach having some food and soaking up the sun. The sunset was absolutely gorgeous there and I could have sat for ages just taking in the view.


The next day we went to the Aquaventure Water Park at The Atlantis hotel for Annabel’s birthday (Happy Birthday Annabel!) which we had all been really looking forward to. As Emirates Cabin Crew we get 50% discount into the water park with a free locker and free towel which saved us all a fair bit of money. The water park is absolutely incredibly and is such a fab day out for anyone who loves slides, or for people like me who are also a little bit scared. The park is humongous, and you could easily spend a couple of days there going on all the slides and doing all the different activities (Dolphin Bay, Zip Wire, Aquarium etc).

The famous Leap of Faith ride – there was not a chance I was doing this!!
The sign of true fear on my face after the girls tricked me into one of the scary rides!
All of us at Aquaventure!

12196011_10154363979974972_4019262164115276078_n 12190876_10154363980179972_1909509816567622347_n 12195805_10154363979664972_6048560306532821918_n

Before we knew it the sun was setting and it was time to head back home – not before stopping for a quick snow cone though! We wandered back through the Atlantis and jumped in a cab back to our accommodation.

The ceiling inside The Atlantis – I thought this looked so cool!

On another exciting note an announcement was made by Emirates Airline this week about their half year financial performance…

“The Group marked one of its best half-year profit performances ever, with net profit rising to AED 3.7 billion (US$ 1.0 billion), up 65% over the last year’s results. The Group’s cash position on 30th September 2015 was at AED 14.8 billion (US$4.0 billion), compared to AED 20.0 billion (US$ 5.5 billion) as at 31st March 2015. This is due to ongoing investments mainly into new aircraft, airline related infrastructure projects, and business acquisitions” (Emirates, 2015)

I feel so proud and privileged to work for such an amazing airline which has such a rapidly growing fleet with an ever increasing extensive network map. If you want to know anymore on their half year performance click here to view the webpage which has all the information for you.

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  1. Moritz says:

    Such an experience! The uniform looks totally brilliant! I hope you’ll keep on enjoying what you are doing! 🙂

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    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      Thank you, I’m sure I will!

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