The Famous Red Hat

What a week it’s been. I don’t feel like I’ve stopped at all, only now to write this post. My time in Dubai is absolutely flying by and it’s exactly a month ago today that I left everything behind and moved my life to the Middle East – and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I also can’t get over how much I have already learnt over the past month.

The week began with learning all about the Boeing 777 for the last part of Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP) and also trying to not forget or mix this up with everything we had previously learnt for the Airbus 380. It was an intense few days trying to learn and remember everything for our exams on the Tuesday, however we all passed and this completed the end of SEP!! It’s crazy to think that one stage of my training is completed, before I know it, I’ll be licensed to fly! To celebrate the end of SEP and also Joanne’s birthday (Happy Birthday Joanne!) my batch and a few others went to the Irish Village to celebrate together.


The Irish Village is so cute and reminded me of home a lot – even though I am not from Ireland. The outside of the pub was themed to look like different stores you would find in an Irish village and inside a huge pub! This is one thing I’m really missing from home especially as I was working in the pub at home so much before moving to Dubai. The outside seating area was huge and overlooked a little pond/lake. I say pond/lake as it was definitely bigger than a pond but was nowhere near big enough to be classed as a lake. Then around the lake they had little ducks waddling about! I so felt like I was at home. They also had lots of traditional British dishes to eat and it was a lot cheaper here than in downtown Dubai and the Marina, so winner winner all round.

Wednesday at college was such an exciting one, we had our uniform fittings!! Trying on all the different pieces of uniform for size and seeing the hat for the first time on yourself was amazing and made me far too excited to collect all my uniform! The next day I was able to collect my big suitcase for my layovers with the majority of my uniform pieces inside. The reason for not getting it all was that not everything was in stock in my size and also that I was having certain items tailored #tallgirlproblems. This definitely didn’t stop me from going back to my apartment and taking a picture or two in my hat and uniform to show everyone from home! I’m just waiting on my heels to collect from the uniform store and then I will finally have all of my Emirates uniform – so exciting!!

IMG_8189 IMG_8030

Crew Pyjamas!

Finally it was the weekend and me and the girls decided on dinner and a comedy show at the Habtoor Grand Resort. The comedians were absolutely brilliant and the food was amazing, I really recommend anyone in Dubai to check it out! The rest of the weekend I spent at the pool with some batch mates and making sure I was up to date on all my homework and I finally got back round to going to the gym again now I didn’t have the stresses of SEP.


Today I began Group Medical Training (GMT) at Aviation College and this is such a change from SEP. It is going to be so interesting to learn all the different medical scenarios that can and do occur on board an aircraft and what to do in these situations should they occur. Throughout the week I will learn how to give CPR, how to deliver a baby if someone goes into labour on board an aircraft and a whole host of different first aid techniques. Another exciting thing about this week is on Tuesday my Mum, Dad and Sister land into Dubai and I am SO excited!! We originally had a family holiday planned to Dubai before I had gotten the job with Emirates, so instead its now a trip to visit me – yay! I have lots of exciting things planned with them and it will be so good to all be reunited in my new home.

And Finally, I HAVE GOTTEN MY FIRST ROSTER! A roster is basically my timetable for flights each month. My first flight will be a layover to London Heathrow!!!!!!!! And my second flight will be a turn around to Beirut! I am so so pleased with this, I only know two, as these are rostered for the end of November as this is when my training will end, but yes very pleased. Cannot wait to see all my friends and family in London!

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  1. Wendy Bradley says:

    Wow! Can’t believe they’re going to let you loose already Jess! You look Absolutely Fabulous in your uniform though. Have a fantastic time with your mun, dad and Millie. xx (PS. ‘Gotten’? Are you American now?!)


  2. Melissa says:

    I google the red hat and find you. Hahahahaha. Miss you… lol


    1. Hahaha as if you found me from that!! Miss you, let’s fly together again soon please x


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