Somewhere In The Middle Of SEP…

First of all, apologies on the lack of posts recently. I have been super busy these past 2 weeks – I can’t actually believe it has been two weeks since I posted, where does time go? So, I last said I had just completed my first few days at the HQ and I was to be moving onto the training college.

I’m going to begin with just saying “wow”. Emirates Aviation College is one of the coolest buildings I have ever seen and the facilities in there that we train with and on are second to none.

View of building B – how amazing?!


Simulator training area where we practice and do our practical assessments.

    IMG_7149 IMG_7146 IMG_7347

Those are just a few of the pictures I’ve taken of the Aviation College, of course I had to have a mandatory Emirates Aviation College picture. The two girls pictured below (Grace, myself, Laura) are girls that I met at my assessment day in June time in London, so it was really nice to have gotten to this stage all together!


As I mentioned previously I had been getting up at 5am to get to work on time. However, for Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP) training I was on the early shift for college as there are three different times you can start your day (morning, lunchtime, evening) which required me being there for 5:30am. My alarm clock has now gone to a 3:15am get up which at first felt so bizarre waking up in the middle of the night, BUT this is how my life will be when I am flying, so it’s all good practice. It also means I can come home and sunbathe by my pool whilst doing my revision as I really need to work on my tan!

Sunbathe Pic
If only I could have revised like this at university?

SEP training has honestly been one of the most interesting things I have ever studied and I constantly find myself going “Oh that’s why they do that on planes” or being shocked (in a good way) by figures and statistics. For example, I couldn’t believe that an Airbus A380  which holds 555 passengers in three classes can and has to be evacuated in no more than 90 seconds – absolutely incredible. So far I’ve learnt about opening/closing and arming/disarming of cabin doors, fighting fire on board an aircraft, how to deal with different variations of turbulence and decompression, planned and unplanned emergency landings both on water and on land, post evacuation drills and skills and when, where and how to use oxygen on board an aircraft.

I know this might sound like a weird thing to say, but the simulators are so life like, I am genuinely pushed back into my seat when the simulator is “taking off” and everything from the sounds, the movement and the feelings are exactly like an aircraft. I have practiced physically putting out real fires, and experiencing smoke on board the aircraft and getting passengers out of that plane in case of an evacuation. The phrase “OPEN SEAT BELTS, LEAVE EVERYTHING, THIS WAY” is currently on a loop inside my head haha!









I’m glad to say I have passed all my practical and verbal assessments and today I passed my first theoretical exam! There has been lots of studying involved and making sure I am well rested in order to pass everything and it will be so worth it in December when I am licensed to fly and get to travel all of the world!

I have also had the chance to explore more of Dubai and the unbelievable city that it is. I seriously cannot believe this is my home now, there is so much to do here and everything is seriously impressive. Anyone who has not visited it is seriously a must no matter what age you are or what you like to do on holiday, there is honestly something for everyone here. Last weekend we went to Barasti beach club to have some lunch and work on our tans which was brilliant and also got to experience Dubai at night at the Meyden Racecourse which overlooks the Dubai skyline. So many people say that Dubai looks its best at night and I can really see why now.

The sunset at Barasti



I’ve also FINALLY unpacked and sorted out my room and it finally feels like home to me now. My bed is huge, however I’ve realised that white bedding isn’t practical for me as I manage to spill and get everything on it!




I believe that does a full update from where I left off! This week at college I will do my ditching (evacuation into water) practical which will be so interesting and fun to experience, however god forbid this ever does actually happen on a flight! And I also have another theoretical exam on Thursday – wish me luck!

Also, has everyone seen the new Emirates advertisement featuring Jennifer Aniston? It’s brilliant! Hopefully one day she’s on board a flight when I’m working and I get the chance to meet her!

As always, feel free to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more daily updates or leave any questions in the comments below!


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  1. simplyrach says:

    I want your life! It all looks beautiful! 🙂

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    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      Hehe come join me when you’re 21!! X


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