Accommodation, Flight and Visa

So, this time next week I will be in Dubai! I cannot believe how quickly its come round all of a sudden, when I first found out my date of joining (DOJ) back in July it was 87 days until the big move and now we’re down to just 6 days!

Dubai Skyline

A couple of days ago I received my accommodation, visa and which flight out of Manchester I will be on. I will be on the 2pm flight from Manchester and landing into Dubai at midnight! There are currently 6 girls flying out of Manchester together and they all seem so lovely, I cannot wait to meet them. My accommodation is very close to the airport which is handy for those extra minutes in bed before my flights, as for some people it can take up to 40 minutes to get to the airport/work on the bus – not that fab! However, I’m quite far out from the Aviation College so for my training it will mean getting up that bit earlier so I am able to get there in time.

I feel I have pretty much everything sorted now for before I go, I just need to get my flying licence pictures done somewhere as they are an awkward size 3cm x 3.5cm. Although, then comes the difficult task of how on earth I am meant to pack my life into two cases and for it to not exceed 50kg… If anyone has ANY tips please do not hesitate to share because I am beginning to stress on what things I’m going to have to decide to leave behind/pick up later when I have flights into Manchester!

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  1. Emily Kate says:

    I just got my accommodation too and it’s super close to the airport!! Hope you don’t mind me asking but what’s the name of your accommodation? 🙂


    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      Hi honey, ah exciting things you’ll be moving out here soon! Have you got Twitter and I can DM you on there about my accomm? 😊


      1. Emily Kate says:

        Yeah I have thanks Hun! It’s em_bostonx Thanks so much I appreciate it ☺️ x


  2. Charlotte Fellows says:

    Hello! i have just received my DOJ, 5th Aug and wanted to know how you found out about the other girls on your flight?


    1. Jessicaaahhh says:

      There was a Facebook group for all DOJ’ers for Sept 25th 2015 which I was added into as I managed to find a girl on Instagram joining the same date as me through the hashtag #emiratescabincrew and from there there we worked out who was flying from where. We managed to find 5 of 7 girls flying out of MAN before the flight 😊


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